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Hai Kalian Fans Komikpirates, admin mau bilang, komikpirates akan gabung dengan salah satu grup scanlation hebat indonesia agar manga2 yang kalian suka lebih bagus lagi untuk dibaca, dengan ini, admin katakan bahwa komik MAGICO, ARMS PEDDLER, DAN KUROGANE akan MIGRASI ke MaBuns , dan selanjutnya akan trus di update disana.. ^ ^


Baca Manga Online Komik Arms Peddler Chapter 25-26-27. Baca Komik Manga Arms Peddler Indonesian is Presents By Komikpirates, Night OWL,Otaku-central, OFFTOPIA, CERBERUS. No Download or Registration Required, its FREE (Gratis). Oyeah also available Spoilers Raw Cam Pictures and Summary, and many Translation language 日本語, English, Portugis, Italia, Germany, Japan Raw, Bahasa Indonesia, Spain, French, Francais, Arabic, Filipino, ITA, Italiano, Deutsch, Polski, Romanian, Czech, Nederlands, Espanol, Malay And Brazil.The world has become a lonely land where the lawless bandits released, innocent people suffer and demons lurk around every corner.Sona Yuki is traveling with her family when she was attacked by bandits.His murdered family, and is the mark on his left hand a snake hand.As soon he will die a woman comes to him and gives him an option to continue in this hostile environment to live or die peacefully now. Yuki chooses life and Garami, the woman who gives him a second chance at life in exchange for his servitude. Garami is an arms dealer and a hit man who travels from town to town for the customer. Yuki sees how brutal and unforgiving in the world can really be.GARAMI, YUKI, SOUNA, PRINCESS AILY, GENERAL SHURAN, GARON, BARON ULAHT, GURAAGA, NECROMANCER

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