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Hai Kalian Fans Komikpirates, admin mau bilang, komikpirates akan gabung dengan salah satu grup scanlation hebat indonesia agar manga2 yang kalian suka lebih bagus lagi untuk dibaca, dengan ini, admin katakan bahwa komik MAGICO, ARMS PEDDLER, DAN KUROGANE akan MIGRASI ke MaBuns , dan selanjutnya akan trus di update disana.. ^ ^


Baca Manga Online Magico Chapter 49-50-51 TERBARU. Baca Komik Manga Magico Indonesian is Presents By Komikpirates, Scanlation MRI Muda Scanrad,REDHAWKSCAN, IeatSoulScan.No Download or Registration Required, its FREE (Gratis). Oyeah also available Spoilers Raw Cam Pictures and Summary, and many Translation language 日本語, English, Portugis, Italia, Germany, Japan Raw, Bahasa Indonesia, Spain, French, Francais, Arabic, Filipino, ITA, Italiano, Deutsch, Polski, Romanian, Czech, Nederlands, Espanol, Malay And Brazil. Sixteen old Emma finally reaches the Eye of the Falcon's capital after fleeing from held captive for life. But once it happens, every man falls into the city, including the king, madly in love with her. She is about to be forced into marriage, but is rescued by a magician. The wizard identified as Shion, one of the youngest and most talented in the nation. They met before, but not recollection.Shion  tells Emma that she with the echidna, a mysterious magic that occurs every 500 years, where a daughter was born with his heart filled with such black magic, the curse is powerful, that they destroy the potential of the world. With such power, we can rule the world, and Shion tells Emma that people try to chase them to get his heart. However, Emma says that there is a ritual to get rid of the curse of the echidna but require a long and painstaking process. The first of these being Emma and Shion have to marry each other ...  Shion Eliphas levi,Emma,Anise,Luu,Garnet, Faust Eliphas levi,Sink Zodia,Rogue Sva, Layla, Echidna

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